SCS is a very friendly choir with a strong sense of community.  The membership is very varied with an age range from teens to eighties who have in common a passion for singing great choral works.

Membership Secretary

When you first come to a rehearsal to try us out, our membership secretary (Cornelia) will look after you.  If she’s not there there will be plenty of other people very willing to help you to settle in.

Music Hire

Music hire is charged at a flat rate of £2 per concert, although from time to time, we may ask members to buy a specific work, if it is to become a standard part of our repertoire.

The Choral Society provides bursaries to young singers who commit to the choir. The standard of singing these teenagers achieve augurs well for the future of choral singing. The Society should be congratulated for initiating such a scheme.

Malcolm Ross

Young Singers

Further details on the scheme are available here

Voice test

There is a short voice test a few weeks after you join SCS – this is to ensure that you are placed in the right voice part and to allow us to determine whether you are likely to be able to cope with the demands which will be made upon you. If you are not ready for membership yet then we can advise you on what you can do to improve your skills.  The members actively like being in a choir that has this “audition” as it helps us to develop as singers.  New members should not worry too much about this aspect of membership – it is done pretty informally and perfection is not expected!

Many members are experienced musicians, though if you are inexperienced you will find that with some effort on your part you will be able to cope.  About one quarter of the choir describe themselves as inexperienced musicians so you would not be alone!

Choir Social Life

A few times a year a social event is planned – these are often double up as fund raisers.  Examples have included quizzes, concerts, barn dances and every year there is a main choir social event at the end of the season.  These events are well attended and are thoroughly enjoyable.